Motor Glory

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Motor Glory is a simple game for MS-DOS. It started life as a demake of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, but has been reworked to remove any copyrighted materials. At the moment it is rather bare bones, but it is designed to be fairly easy to expand.

Guide Scarab through three exciting screens in CGA glory! Marvel at the included level editor! Wonder if that's all there is?


Yeah, right now, that's it.

It also has a rather silly photo viewing mode, which doesn't serve much purpose aside from viewing some random converted images in CGA graphics modes. This was actually the original scope of the project before I decided "What the hell, let's actually make the game slightly more than just a joke about putting MGS4 on a floppy".

Refinery Photo Ravine Photo

Special thanks to Geoffrey Card for the original inspiration and photos used for Scarab's likeness.


It also runs fine on DOSBox using default settings.

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