Snaked Adventure

Title Screen 1-1: Grassy Hillsides 1-A: Mission Impossible

One of my favourite of my games, you control one or two snakes, and travel through various wild and wacky levels.   The game plays much like any Mario game, except there is no fire flower equivalent. Every enemy must be defeated by jumping on them. You also have 5 health points to make the game a bit more fair, and if you die, the enemies don't come back. Currently there are 2 complete game worlds, consisting of 4 levels in world 1 and 5 in world 2. There are also three secret levels in these worlds, and the first level of a secret world. Level 3-1 is also complete, but nothing after that. This game makes use of my custom platform movement, and also has a saved game system.

Button 1 is jump, button 2 is unused. Tab on the keyboard switches between player 1 scrolls, player 2 scrolls and both players scroll in case there's a problem with one player getting off screen.

Graphics Mode: 320 X 200, 256 colours, scrolling

See the Click and Create article for common notes, including customizing controls.

Download (1.35 MB)


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