Title Screen The Ruins Space

A 4 player platform game in the same vein as Mario, except as a competitive arena game. The objective is to jump on either other's heads and defeat them. There are also a few other game modes, such as tag and race, and on a few levels the shooter game mode.

IMPORTANT: You must have valid controls for all 4 players, even if you do not plan on using them. The reason for this is the way the menu system works. To play with less than 4 players, you simply exit any unwanted players from the bottom of the screen. This is also how you leave any individual level.

Note that the ingame help is out of date, and wordpad refuses to save write files. The default controls listed there are not the proper ones, just hit Ctrl+Y and set it up the way you like.

Graphics Mode: 640 X 480, 256 colours

See the Click and Create article for common notes, including customizing controls.

Download (1.86 MB)


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