Time Flux 2

Nature Level 3 Snow Level 1 Blue Ruins Level 2

A single-screen platformer game with several puzzle elements. In each level, you must make your way from the beginning to the exit navigating whatever is in the way, such as doors, pushable blocks, bombs, and the like. If you make a mistake in a level, you can simply hit the restart level button in the corner. Also, with pushable blocks, if they get stuck, try getting on top and jumping and landing the block while traveling in the direction you want it to go. You can nudge the block out from being stuck this way.

The controls in this game are similar to most of mine. Button 1 is fire and button 2 is jump.

Graphics Mode: 640 X 480, 256 colours

Note: I lost the original Time Flux a long time ago. Get over it; it's not as good.

See the Click and Create article for common notes, including customizing controls.

Download (1.53 MB)


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