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Space Battle

Posted on November 19th, 1997 @ 9:32 am by Zerker

Inside the Spaceship Inside the Cube Outside the Ship

NOTE: You absolutely MUST have a grappling hook patch to play this level. Any Grappling hook will do, but, by far, the absolute best is the Swinging Grappling Hook (swhook.zip). Why settle for anything less?

A level set in deep space with 4 objects floating in the vacuum. They are a Human Ship, a Borg Cube (sort of), and two deep space platforms. One of the platforms is at the uppermost point in the level and the other is at the lowermost point. You can go inside both of the ships, and you will die if you fall off. You have been warned.

Download (166 KB)

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Virtual Reality

Posted on November 9th, 1997 @ 4:04 am by Zerker

Red Zone Pink Zone Yellow Zone

A surrealistic complex, made up of five distinct regions with colourful grid walls. The regions are:

The Red Region: A small region, with lower and higher ground. The Grenade Launcher is located here.

The Yellow Region: A Large Region, which is wide and open. There is a block you can climb on and in, and a tunnel leading into the floor, down to the pink region. The Rocket Launcher is located here.

The Green Region: Another small region, which is a blend of various other regions. There is a small open floor area and two large structures. There is also an underwater tunnel leading around to the top of one of these structures. The Thunderbolt and Double-Barrelled shotgun are located here.

The Blue Region: The Watery Region. This consists of a relatively small above water region, and a medium-sized underwater region. The Nail gun and the Biosuit are located here.

The Pink Region: The Underground region which is located below all other regions. This is the largest region in the level. There are 4 rooms down here, which are dark and perfect for ambushes. The Perforator, Ring of Shadows, and the Quad Damage are located here.

Download (163 KB)

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Canyon of Fire

Posted on November 8th, 1997 @ 6:19 am by Zerker

Centre Platform Bridges and Lava Hut

A level set in a open canyon with lava filling the floor. There are several bridges going across the canyon, and there is a wooden platform with a small hut on top and rafters underneath.

Download (171 KB)

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Tomb of the Ancients

Posted on November 2nd, 1997 @ 1:47 am by Zerker

The Main Room Traps! Metal Area

NOTE: There are two versions of this level, Tomb & Tombdark. Tomb is the standard level, and Tombdark is the same level, with all the lights turned out (except where needed). Tombdark is designed for use with a flashlight or torch patch. The one we use is Qtorch, but you can use whatever you feel like.

A level set in some shadowed tomb deep under the earth. There are 6 interconnected rooms which house all sorts of objects. Oh, and do watch out for my little ‘trap’ (it isn’t that hard to avoid). It’s actually kind of funny to play with the reaper bots, because they just don’t get it and run to their deaths over and over. Oh well.

Download Tomb (172 KB)
Download Tomb Dark (149 KB)

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Posted on October 14th, 1997 @ 8:18 pm by Zerker

Title Screen The Ruins Space

A 4 player platform game in the same vein as Mario, except as a competitive arena game. The objective is to jump on either other’s heads and defeat them. There are also a few other game modes, such as tag and race, and on a few levels the shooter game mode.

IMPORTANT: You must have valid controls for all 4 players, even if you do not plan on using them. The reason for this is the way the menu system works. To play with less than 4 players, you simply exit any unwanted players from the bottom of the screen. This is also how you leave any individual level.

Note that the ingame help is out of date, and wordpad refuses to save write files. The default controls listed there are not the proper ones, just hit Ctrl+Y and set it up the way you like.

Graphics Mode: 640 X 480, 256 colours

Download (1.86 MB)

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