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Earth 2445

Posted on May 20th, 2001 @ 6:34 pm by Zerker

Outside Inside Shooter Level

This game was actually a project for Grade 12 communications class. The requirements were general so I chose to make a game. The game has a bit of a story with it that you can follow along while you play. Most of the game is a side-scrolling action platformer, but the last level is a side-scrolling shoot’em up. One thing you may notice is that this game has no sound effects. This is because the computer in class we were using had no sound card. The music is there so that the game isn’t totally silent :)

The controls are simply button 1 shoots while button 2 jumps. The game itself is very easy to figure out. If you have trouble though, let me know.

Graphics Mode: 640 X 480, 256 colours, scrolling

PS: Earth does not appear anywhere in this game. It’s just a name.

Download (1.4 MB)

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