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Extreme Rise of the Triad maps

Posted on October 2nd, 2012 @ 4:08 pm by Zerker

Following the main game levels, the next obvious set of maps is none other than Rise of the Triad Extreme (aka EROTT). EROTT was originally an expansion for ROTT, but it has since been released as freeware and can be obtained from 3DRealms.

For more details and notes, please see the Hunt Begins maps.

Episode 1

E1A1: A Tomb with a View

4864 x 3936, 11.1 MB

E1A2: Up

4096 x 2784, 10.6 MB

E1A3: Triadagio

4736 x 2880, 6.8 MB

E1A4: The Barracks

5824 x 3904, 12.5 MB

E1A5: Moatin’ Lava

7424 x 5024, 15.6 MB

E1A6: Nothin’ But Net

6400 x 4416, 14.8 MB

E1A7: Truth or Darian

6208 x 2400, 5.4 MB

E1A8: Through and Through

6272 x 3264, 10.3 MB

Episode 2

E2A1: High Road, Low Road

4352 x 3200, 4.2 MB

E2A2: Open Fire

5440 x 2976, 11.0 MB

E2A3: Dark ‘n’ Deadly

5696 x 3872, 9.5 MB

E2A4: Lightning Strikes

5952 x 3936, 13.5 MB

E2A5: A Mode I Rode

6336 x 4416, 6.4 MB

E2A6: You’re Fired

7872 x 4768, 14.4 MB

E2A7: Krist Cross

7936 x 3936, 7.5 MB


6784 x 4928, 14.6 MB

Episode 3

E3A1: Overview

4032 x 2752, 8.3 MB

E3A2: Sky Tunnels

5440 x 3328, 8.0 MB

E3A3: Bridge Over Trouble

5760 x 3904, 11.6 MB

E3A4: Experiment IV

6080 x 3392, 9.7 MB

E3A5: The Ride

8960 x 6432, 16.0 MB

E3A6: Lights Out

8640 x 7456, 11.2 MB

E3A7: NME Mine

4096 x 2400, 2.2 MB

E3A8: They Say HOO-Mahn-Ay

8384 x 4128, 15.3 MB

Episode 4

E4A1: Halls of Walls

7616 x 4320, 13.9 MB

E4A2: Getting the Drop

5888 x 3744, 14.7 MB

E4A3: A Boulder Vision

8576 x 6016, 18.0 MB

E4A4: Pykus Peak

15168 x 7840, 17.2 MB

E4A5: The Hoppe Hop

11392 x 4000, 25.6 MB

E4A6: Technical Ecstasy

7104 x 4320, 12.0 MB

E4A7: Oscuro’s Legions

9664 x 8032, 35.4 MB

E4A8: 95 Windows

8192 x 6528, 16.9 MB

E4A9: On Its Tail

7488 x 6528, 18.8 MB

E4A10: The Unholy Chamber

10368 x 4256, 15.1 MB

Additional Secret and Warp-Only Levels

E4A11: Danger Mouth

6592 x 3840, 14.3 MB

E4A12: Fencing

5248 x 3936, 9.8 MB

E4A13: Welcome to The Machine

7040 x 4128, 19.0 MB

E4A14: Gods of Annihilation

768 x 448, 0.2 MB

E4A15: The Grand Vomitorium

10752 x 8192, 27.2 MB

E4A16: Fire Flight

6912 x 4224, 13.2 MB

E4A17: Run Like Heaven

7296 x 4096, 13.4 MB

E4A18: Stupid Dog Tricks

3904 x 3872, 10.5 MB

Combined Download

Extreme.zip (545.8 MB)

Comments (5)

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  1. How in the HELL did you manage to make these isometric renderings of the levels?

    Comment by Whoa! — October 24, 2014 @ 2:06 pm

  2. I wrote a tool :). Refer to my other post:

    Comment by Zerker — October 24, 2014 @ 3:10 pm

  3. This is one of the coolest resources for such an undocumented add-on expansion pack to a classic FPS! Your maps helped me verify and confirm some secrets and push-wall oddities in some of the levels. Thanks!

    If you’re interested, please feel free to check out my EROTT guide, which should be part of my name in this comment submission :) I learned and posted really good strategies for every single level of the add-on so anybody can complete each without saving anywhere mid-level, on the highest difficulty setting and it’s highly compatible with pistol starts. AFAIK, it’s the only guide that covers the expansion. One of my hopes was that people who found EROTT too difficult might find useful information in the guide to make the expansion more accessible and more approachable.

    Comment by ATarly — October 8, 2016 @ 1:43 pm

  4. I’m glad the maps were helpful to you.

    I confess, I am also one of the people who found EROTT a bit too difficult.. or at least frustrating. I eventually rage quit on the Krist Cross level, but reading your guide would have indeed pointed me to the asbestos armour that I was missing.

    Is the flame wall part even possible without the asbestos armour? :D

    Comment by Zerker — October 8, 2016 @ 2:48 pm

  5. Awesome! Glad you looked into some parts of it :)

    That annoying firewalls section is in fact doable without the asbestos vest, but it’s a real cheap shot in terms of challenge. It essentially boils down to standing in the safe intervals within a very narrow distance range from the fire column in front and/or behind you. You have to be so precise in where you stand. Go even the slightest out of the range in either direction and you’re toast, as one boss so eloquently put it. It also doesn’t help that the most recommended character, Thi Barrett, is one of the faster ones, making it pretty easy to accidentally get too close. For no-saving, it’ll be a nightmare to do without the vest of course; however, if you’re save spamming, it’s a major annoyance at best.

    This kind of fire column obstacle later comes back in one of the hardest levels, right at the very end to potentially break the player for good. Luckily, it isn’t nearly as drawn-out.

    Comment by ATarly — October 8, 2016 @ 9:58 pm

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