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Super Mario Maker Courses

Posted on September 13th, 2015 @ 8:08 am by Zerker

So I just got Super Mario Maker. Rather than flood my page with all my levels, I’ll just keep this post updated for anyone interested. Enjoy.

First off, my profile on Super Mario Maker Bookmark. See below for individual links to the courses and screenshots.

Up and Over (3DFF-0000-0025-7FBA)

Spelunking (FA32-0000-0031-56C6)

Tangerine Lagoon (18A1-0000-004B-F8E8)

Trust the Coins and Never Stop (C1A4-0000-004C-B433)

Towers of Fire (105A-0000-0052-5D0E)

Don’t miss your ride! (C567-0000-006D-BC99)

Aerial Caverns (7180-0000-0072-5EC4)

Ghostly Routes (DD7B-0000-0085-4DD3)

Lakeside (1330-0000-00A4-46BE)

Don’t get left Behind! (6057-0000-00D0-F194)

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