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Jazz Jackrabbit Mapper

Posted on August 27th, 2017 @ 10:16 am by Zerker

To create the most recent Jazz Jackrabbit maps, I leverged and then horribly mangled the code from the OpenJazz project. This post provides downloads for my patch, the resultant source code, and a brief description on how to use it and what I did.


jazzmapper.patch (8.4 kb)
Patch to be applied to OpenJazz-src-160214

OpenJazz-src-Mapper.tar.bz2 (131.0 kb)
The full modified OpenJazz source with the patch applied, if there are troubles using the patch or finding the matching version.


First, a warning: due to how this mapper tool works, it should NOT be run in full-screen mode. This will be more apparent in the ‘How it Works’ section.

To map the first level in an episode, simply start openjazz normally and start the desired episode. As soon as the map loads, a BMP file for the level will be written to disk and the application will exit.

To map any other level, a new command-line argument was added (-w) which will warp to the specified world and level. For example, to load and map the file LEVEL1.035, you would type:

./openjazz -w 35 1


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Holiday Hare ’95 Maps

Posted on August 26th, 2017 @ 11:54 am by Zerker

Related to the main Jazz Jackrabbit maps, here are the maps for Holiday Hare ’95, the second Holiday-themed free expansion for the game. These levels are listed separately, because the filenames actually overlap with the original Holiday Hare levels a bit.


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Jazz Jackrabbit (CD Edition) Maps

Posted on August 26th, 2017 @ 11:34 am by Zerker

So it’s been a while, but I decided to create more game maps. This time, it’s Jazz Jackrabbit, the classic DOS platformer by Epic Megagames. Unlike some of my from-scratch maps, this time I leveraged the work from the [a href=”http://www.alister.eu/jazz/oj/”]OpenJazz[/a] project. And totally hacked up the code to just generate maps, instead of be an actual playable game. I’ll be posting the modified source code for reference in a later post, but for now, the maps:

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Sega Genesis to Gameport Converter

Posted on January 1st, 2017 @ 1:43 pm by Zerker

Hurray, more hardware projects. This one is a bit esoteric, and probably won’t appeal to any but the most dedicated retro gamer.

But that’s OK with me.

It started when I was getting frustrated with the quality of gamepads available for DOS games. Analog Joysticks are easy, but quality gamepads are few and far between. I had two criteria for a gamepad:

  1. It had to have a good D-pad
  2. It had to support both 2 and 4 button games, with reasonable button arrangements for each

The ‘classic’ Gravis Gamepad passes on the second point with the 2 to 4 button switch, but fails quite dramatically on the first one. Most other gamepads I looked up mirrored the Gravis pad’s four button arrangement, but unfortunately this is absolutely terrible for 2-button games.

So I made an adaptor. I picked the Sega Genesis (3 button) gamepad as my source, because, if you count the start button, it has exactly four buttons. And I recently made my Genesis arcade stick, so I’d like to use that for DOS games too.

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